About Author

Tracy Larkins was born out of wedlock from humble beginnings in Eufaula, AL to a single mother. She experienced her share of challenges growing up as an only child and without an active father in her life. At an early age, she understood the need and importance of family. It was around age 12 that she was certain of her plans to marry a devoted husband and have children. In her young adulthood, she married to Don C. Larkins and together they have one child Alexis Larkins. However; they have been called parents by more than thirty children as they have opened there heart and home as foster parents to vulnerable children across the State of Alabama. Professionally, Tracy is a licensed Master’s level Social Worker and considers it a blessing to work in a profession where her passion and career merge on a daily basis as a child welfare administrator. She is actively involved in her community and church and serves as a volunteer and mentor for Children and Mentors Outdoors (CAM0) mentoring program that provides outdoor leaning opportunities for local youth. Tracy has committed her life to serving others and lives by the philosophy of the best way to do good, is to do good to others as one can only gather unless they first scatter. She is particularly fond of a quote by Albert Einstein “only a life lived in the service of others is a life worth living”. When she is acknowledged for her community service, she simply replies “I have done nothing more than what we should all be doing and that is serving others”.